Outlaw Licensing Overview

Consolidated Fasteners, LLC (“Consolidated”) owns all of the Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and all other Intellectual Property associated with the Outlaw Drive System (“Outlaw IP”). Consolidated issues licenses to qualified manufacturers, which allows the manufactures to utilize the Outlaw IP in the production of screws and fasteners.

Benefits of Being a Licensee

Consolidated limits the number of manufacturers so that the quality of the Outlaw products and brand are the best in the World. This allows the licensees to produce The World’s Best Screw and gives them access to the growing Authorized Outlaw Distribution Network, which creates business opportunities throughout the World.

Consolidated exclusively supplies all of the gages to the Licensees and re-certifies each gage free of charge on an annual basis. Consolidated has an engineering team that is on call for all the technical support needed to be successful with the production of the Outlaw IP based products.

How do I Become a Licensee?

Consolidated licenses tooling manufacturers that produce heading tools, fasteners and screw manufacturers and bit/driver manufacturers. If you are one of the above and are interested in becoming part of Outlaw Revolution, simply send us an email at licensing@outlawfasteners.com.

Once we receive your email, we will schedule a call to discuss your manufacturing capabilities, target markets and experience level. If there is a fit, we will forward you an application and begin the process of evaluating you becoming a Licensee.

We look forward to exploring opportunities that allow us to further our mission of changing the way the World screws.